When a medical practice or hospital signs a business agreement with TPES, we get to work immediately taking the following steps.

Step 1:

Records in collections at the medical center are reviewed to find possible third party negligence cases.

Step 2:

Eligible records are then analyzed to determine the circumstances surrounding each injury, medical billing details, and each patient’s diagnostics.

Step 3:

Medical center staff reaches out to patients with potential cases and presents TPES as an opportunity.

Step 4:

TPES meets with patients and explains that signing on with the program exonerates them of their medical bills and, after payment of their attorney’s fees and costs, a guarantee of at least 20 percent of the remaining settlement balance or 100 percent remaining after their medical bills are paid, whichever number is greater.

Step 5:

TPES launches a full incident investigation and turns findings over to appointed legal counsel for further review. 

Step 6:

Legal counsel makes the final determination of future investigatory action and makes the decision to pursue legal action against a third party with payment of medical bills as the top priority. 

Step 7:

When a sufficient settlement is collected, the medical facility is paid either in full or receives the remaining balance after the patient receives 20 percent.