Now there’s another way…

Third Party Evaluation Services (TPES) helps doctors recover payment for their services when patients can’t pay for accidental injuries that weren’t their fault. 

Put under-insured or uninsured patients in contact with TPES and our investigative team will review their accident looking for a third party at fault. If it’s determined that there is a third party at fault, TPES will partner with legal counsel and seek recourse for the patient and the physician who treated their injuries.

Another way to care for your patients

Show that you continue to care after accidental injury patients leave your facility. Help them find the means to pay their medical bills and secure your financial stability at the same time.

What is TPES

TPES takes a professional approach to investigating incidents and connects victims with experts specifically tailored to their situation. From proper legal counsel to securing evidence we'll ensure that every detail is covered so you can heal with peace of mind.

We help identify those responsible for personal injury. We specialize in evidence collection, witness interviews, and incident documentation. We know the best routes for you to take in your case.