TPES brings together the finest experts to create a solid case. The following are a few of the teams that are involved in investigating an incident and assembling a case handled by TPES:

  • Former police investigators,
  • A production company with years of television experience,
  • Expert accident re-constructionists, and
  • Specific injury experts.

TPES also works in synergy with the injured person, the insurance company, and the medical center where they were treated. Bringing together three parties with the same goal helps provide witness testimony and greater evidence.

The result is often more retribution obtained with enough to cover costs for all three parties.

A Case Without TPES

When TPES is not involved, the most usual protocol for seeking retribution from a third party involves obtaining a report from the insurance company or hospital involved in the incident and turning it over to a lawyer to then assemble a case.

Often no one actually looks into the case and the plaintiffs leave 60% of their money on the table.

How Videos Help

Thorough investigations with results shared through a video story can help everyone involved understand how an injury occurred and who is at fault, which could lead to recovery of a larger sum of money. 

There is nothing more powerful than a video portrayal.

A Day in the Life of the Injured Party

"A Day in the Life" videos can help show how injuries have altered the life of the victim, providing evidence for why funds are needed.

Video Settlement Brochures

Video Settlement Brochures tell the story of what happened when the injury occurred and can be sent to the third party believed to be at fault before a lawsuit is filed in order to encourage a settlement as soon as possible.